Winter Solstice is a particularly paradoxically time of year in our culture.  We are encouraged to shop till we drop, and go to endless parties and events. Yet the Seasonal energy is calling for a very different experience of inwardness and quiet.  This disparity between the Seasonal energy and the cultural conditioning is a set up for crazy making, as so many folks get to feel this time of year. It’s why depression and anger become so much more active during this season.

Winter is a time of darkness, literally and figuratively.  It invites us into the slower time of inward reflection, meditation, reading, dreaming.  It allows us to reflect on the decisions and commitments we made with ourselves at the beginning of the year, and to reflect on what we acted on, what got tossed aside, what got prioritized, and where we are now.  Each year changes us.  2011  has been a particularly challenging year for many people, whether through illness, jobs, economics, family, relationship, or all of the above.  It has been a year that has catapulted many people into powerfully transformative events in their lives, many they would rather not have experienced.  But that is often the nature of transformation.  It does not follow our ideas about who we are or where our lives are going.  Life has its own agenda, and the skill of Life is learning how to adapt, flow and find the wisdom and humor to move us into the next chapters of our lives.

Winter is the time to reflect on the effect of these changes in your life this year, and to learn how it has already changed you and how it continues to change your life.  But we need to slow down enough to be able to have this type of inward reflective activity.  So take some time daily for quiet time.  It doesn’t have to be hours, just 15 minutes will make a big difference.  Or go to bed a little earlier and allow that to be a time of reflection on events, on gratitude, on emotions.  Whatever works for you.

Then we are ready to reintegrate into the Wholeness of our family, or community, knowing more of who we are as a result of our willingness to see ourselves through the lens of what this year has brought to us, and how it has changed us.  Then we gift our community with our deeper awareness of ourselves, and share in the fullness of the Holyday we call Winter Solstice or Christmas, or whatever Spiritual Tradition has meaning for your heart and soul.  Happy Holidays!!

Be Love.  Be Smooth

Many Blessings