This is such a powerful, deep and difficult discussion.  When we do not listen to, and then repress, the wisdom of our anger, which is giving us information that something in our life is not alright, depression results.  And Depression is a guidance system that tells us we are not paying attention to our emotional body, and that could be from one of many sources.  We may be ignoring sadness, grief, longing, despair, frustration, loneliness, or any other variety of emotions.  But if Anger is serving as the secondary emotion of protection and we don’t learn how to go deeper, Depression will result.

The challenge is how to not make Depression wrong, but rather to recognize it as a navigation system back to ourselves.  Depression shows you what needs to happen.  It makes you stop.  It makes you question.  It makes you see everything differently, often darkly, but there may be some truth in that darkness that is trying to guide you.  The key is to go deeper than the symptoms, literally ask the Depression what are the feelings that it wants you to know about, and then be available for what arises.  It may be that there are many layers of feelings, present or past that have been waiting for your attention, that are part of the Depression.  All of them are valid, and need to have your compassionate awareness turned towards them.

The key to working with the emotional body is always the same.  It is necessary to bring your undivided, compassionate attention to the feelings that are arising, and then go deeper into each feeling, delving deep to find the wisdom and guidance contained within each.  Emotions carry Intelligence, and we have to learn how to access that Intelligence in order to allow our lives to Transform into a new level of Consciousness, and subsequently a new quality of Life.

Be Love.  Be Smooth.

Many Blessings