I’ve come to my work as a Counselor and Healer, as a result of working on my own healing process, and along the way, realized I was very good at translating the path to others, and helping to guide them along the way.  I’ve worked with many hundreds of folks over the last 3 decades, and have been deeply gratified by having the honor of witnessing each person finding the depth and goodness of themselves, of discovering their gifts and abilities that lets them come into the world to support and grace others with all of who they are.  My speciality is working with Healing and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, to allow the mind to be free of trying to figure it all out, and provide room for the Spirit to come front and center.

My counseling work helps people change their lives, deeply.  It is generally long-term work that is deep, intense, not easy but amazingly rewarding.  The changes trying to happen may be stimulated from their emotions, relationship, or lack thereof, work, or the collapse of any of the above.  Dissatisfaction is generally our Life telling us it is trying to change.  I listen and tell you what I hear.  I am direct and generally very no nonsense:  I say what I see and experience, and invite you to be empowered into your highest capacity.  I see myself as a guide and spiritual mouthpiece in the process of you coming to know and accept every part of yourself with deep appreciation for the fullness of who you really are.  I want all aspects of you to become integrated into your Self-Awareness so there is no unconscious energy that can jump out without your becoming aware of it.

My Process

How I work depends on what energy is showing itself as well as your personality, and what will support you best.  I never have an agenda about what someone needs before they arrive for our session, whether in persona or on the phone.  I bring 3 decades of skill development to every meeting in order for your unfolding to happen.

Our sessions are never predictable, and never boring, but often surprising, when we are both completely available for the process that is happening.  It is amazing to be in a life that changes visibly and tangibly, and usually delightfully, in the long run.

My Clients

I want to work with people who are fearless in their desire to discover themselves; not their perfection, but rather their deep complex, flawed humanity.  I work a great deal with the emotional body, and just so you know, I’m not afraid of anger, it’s one of my most powerful teachers.  But I’m not interested in fighting with someone to get their attention on a regular basis.    I am interested in engaging with and helping you to discover your deep passion about life, and look forward to that being directed into your own self-discovery.

Come find yourself, I’m happy to help!

I am available to work by phone or in person. You can e-mail me and we’ll set up a time to talk.