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Hello Everyone,

Sorry to be gone for so long.  I’ve been distracted dealing with housing issues, or actually I should say banking issues.  Wells Fargo Bank engaged in such devastating horrendous behavior that it destroyed my 45 year stellar credit rating, made refinancing my 1st mortgage impossible, and denied me a home modification, all while giving me completely erroneous information.  So needless to say, I’ve had my hands full.  But I am back.

I did this show on Death as the Ultimate and Final Transformation because there has been such a huge response to the first show on Death: the Forbidden Subject.  That was mostly history, while this deals with the Spiritual Dimension of this Final shift in consciousness out of our Human form.  In many cultures, Death is understood to be natural, and in the Tibetan culture, preparing for a good death was the purpose of life, but not in a maudlin or grim way.  That’s the problem with the Western world, we have been indoctrinated to think badly of Death, to see it as the Grim Reaper, rather than as the returning of our Spirit to it’s Source.

I know this may bump up against many people’s beliefs about Death and the afterlife.  But I have spent many years researching Near Death Experiences, in Adults and Children, and the overwhelming information just cannot be denied.  Death is a beautiful experience for those willing to be available for the Divine component of it all, in whatever that means for you.

I’m planning to do a year long program on Conscious Death and Dying, what it means and how to move towards that in your life.  How we look at Death is how we look at Life.  Both are powerful opportunities for expansion into the fullest capacity of our Divine Selves.  I hope you will join me in this powerful study.

As you may have heard I am getting my website up and running. We will be doing classes, workshops, group phone work, and lots of exciting teaching and healing together.   Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll have all my kinks worked out and we’ll be switching everything over there so we will be more consolidated.  Because the Radio Show has so many audio difficulties, I’m going to move into doing Video on my website in place of the radio show.  If you want me to keep you updated on when the launch is happening, drop me an email at maggiquinlan@me.com.  Let me know what is important to you, and anything you are interested in studying about Consciousness, Spirituality, Energy, Emotions and Transformations.

Love and Blessings



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Death.  Good Heavens it’s just not a subject for polite company.  Yet, I’m not sure why.  After all, it is an experience we ALL get to have, some later than others, but even still.  So how did it get this way?  In all my studies of Ancient Religions and Earth Based Spirituality, there was not this deep avoidance of Death.  It was understood to be a natural part of Life, just like the seasons of the year, it was our own cycle, no trauma or drama.  Of course there was Grief, but that is also natural, but Death itself was not something that was made into an Enemy to be Feared.

But this all changed, or should I say, was manipulated, to create a fear of not just the action of Death, but what would happen to us afterwards.  And it is important to understand how this came about.  Our entire concept of Death is a social construct that is designed to create fear, and get us to spend unnecessary money after someone dies in an effort to prove how much we loved them.  Seriously, you must understand this.  Everything about Death, including the Funeral is a situation in which you get to be deeply manipulated.

It is immoral for us to be afraid of the 2nd most natural process of our life after Birth.  Birth we celebrate with joy and congratulations, but Death, oh no, it is the “enemy” that we must “fight” to avoid.  How in the world can we every begin to approach our own Death with Self-Awareness and Consciousness if we are in such deep denial and fear about this inevitability in our lives?

Listen to the radio show, so you can learn some of the history that is affecting your view of Death, and consequently, your view of Life.  They are the bookends of our Life.  How we deal with one is directly connected to the other.  In other words, if you are afraid of Death, than at a very fundamental level you are afraid of Life.  Make some decisions about how you want your Death to be.

Than we can begin to talk about Conscious Death and Dying.  What does that mean, and how do we begin to prepare for a path that opens us to our own Universal Intelligence?  How do we practice coming into contact with this Energy now, so we have familiarity with it an approach to Life?  These are some of the bigger questions we’ll be exploring in a couple of weeks.

Until then, Be Love.  Be smooth.

Many Blessings


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