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Integrity and Honor are words we don’t hear enough of in our personal dialogues, and especially in our collective and political realms.  And all too often, those using the words are doing just that, using them, not practicing them.  This talk is about the Shaman, Healer and Teacher Don Miguel Ruiz, and the powerfully small book he wrote called “The Four Agreements”.  They are simple, but powerful recognitions of the ways we keep ourselves out of honor and integrity with ourself and with our world, and what we can do to change that into a different reality.

We are the Co-Creators of our lives.  What do we want to create?  What are the qualities that are most important?  Perhaps the 4 Agreements will help you to discover that, so you can move your life into a deeper experience of empowerment and transformation.  And as we know, Consciousness is contagious.  Be a Being of Honor, a warrior of Integrity, a peacekeeper of Light, and a staff for the  Transformation into Higher Consciousness that is birthing itself into Being in every moment.

Be Love.  Be Smooth.

Many Blessings



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