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Greetings Everyone and Happy Spring Equinox – March 21,

This is a very potent time of year as the Wheel of the Year moves to the East, the element of Air, where all new inspirations, illumination, creations, dreams, thoughts and intentions have the elemental energy to manifest.  This and every Equinox is the time when the seasonal energy is in Balance, equal times of day and night, allowing a potential for creation to increase.  This is when we move out of the introverted energy of Winter, and begin our journey of individuation that fulfills itself at the Summer Solstice.

This is the turning point.  So let yourself dream.  Better yet, sit quietly with a lit candle, breathe into your belly, quiet your mind and allow your Divine Self to bring to your awareness some of the new inspirations that are brewing for you.  Don’t try to think about it or figure them out, just breathe quietly and allow your Deep Wisdom to do the heavy lifting.  What is important is that you hold a clear intention that whatever manifestation of personal power arises, that it be used for the highest good of all.  That makes it harder for the Ego to co-opt this powerful energy and misuse it.

Allow any new ways of Being to become manifest.  Perhaps it is a new approach to how you relate to yourself, or your partner or children.  Perhaps it is about finding new inspiration with your work, or allowing your creativity to express itself more loudly and forcefully in your life.  Whatever wants your attention, honor it, don’t push it away as silly or unimportant.  Sometimes the most important events in our lives start out as little nothings or so it seems.

Dream, be inspired, allow your life to change you, and say YES to the newness of life all around you.  Be grateful for all that is, even when we don’t like it.

Love and Blessings